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Mission Accomplished
No Matter What

Your best line of defense

In an emergency, seconds can make the difference. Our team has decades of military, law enforcement, and aviation experience providing secure transportation almost anywhere in the world.

unloading supplies in Puerto Rico

Disasters Happen.
Be prepared.

Whatever your mission needs, Resource Air Charter has the answer. In partnership with The Harrell Group, Resource Air Charter provides secure, armed transportation of vital assets.

Emergency Evacuation

Be prepared to leave emergency situations quickly and avoid disaster.

Security Escort

Protect your people with our advance teams, security forces, and highly skilled special agents.

Hostage Situation

When dealing with kidnapping situations, having the right teams in place at the right times can mean live or death for your employees.

Currency Transport

Protect currencies and precious metals shipments with secure, armed air transport.

Critical Delivery

Guarantee delivery of critical assets without the logistical constraints of passenger air travel.

Disaster Relief

Security and high-pressure supply missions performed by experienced aviation pros from planning to delivery.

Gary Harrell

The Harrell Group

"Resource Air Charter provides dependable, worldwide capable air lift for personnel or cargo on a very short notice to our security company, Harrell Group. When we need long distance travel, we call Andy first."
Major General Gary Harrell (Retired)

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